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T.L. GibbsLouisiana

In 'Prince Of Tides' the line, 'tell her I died two weeks ago and you forgot to call' hooked me on Pat Conroy. His imagery in all of his writings gave me the feeling I was standing there next to him as he described the scene. It was done with such dimension I could see it as a reader. His words were a significant influence on me while writing my first novel which will be published in January, 2019. Once I thought I would simply drive up to his house, knock on his door and have an inspiring conversation with him. I wish I had done that, even if I hadn't been able to see him I could say I tried. I wish I could thank him for his inspiration.

Fri, Dec 7, 2018 04:23 am 83753 Email Remove
Reply to webmaster Pat Conroy was one of the most generous souls we've known. He never hesitated to help someone woth the writing craft. He loved to hear everyone's story (this is Mihai Radulescu from Pat's literary agency and a founder of
John BlomquistGreen Bay Wisconsin

In my some twenty years in South Carolina and Georgia I became a Conroy fan. I will never forget my experiences down South. My heart will forever remain there. Retired to Wisconsin and miss my life there.

Tue, Aug 28, 2018 13:18 pm 83751 Email Remove
Reply to webmaster Come down for the 2018 Pat Conroy Festival. You'll have a great time... this is Mihai Radulescu - see the web site at - plan a break and come down...
Dora FinamoreUp NOrth now, Charleston several years

I finally have the courage to pick up Lowcountry Heart. I started it months ago but only now can read it. Still missing Pat like everyone else. I never fail to tear up and laugh hysterically of course. One of these days I will get down to the museum and pay him a visit at his resting place. I promised myself. Having met him several times while living in Charleston, and attending two readings, strangely, I feel he as a part of my life at a distance like many of his devoted readers.
Cassandra, thanks for helping his legacy live on. I was one of the Charter members when you started, soon after his passing. I promised myself to get back to the lowcountry and I will very soon. I noticed the Fripp Island house is for sale. What a dream it would be...With love, Dora Finamore

Fri, Aug 10, 2018 13:28 pm 83750 Email Remove
Reply to webmaster Again, this is Mihai Radulescu - It was me who launched that web effort on the very day of June 9, 2016 and you were, as you say, a charter member who came to support the center on its very first day... because this is what it was that particular day; an on line presence only... Thank you also for your numerous messages of encouragement you sent to Pat...
Cydney DeBenedettoSan Jose, CA

I'll never forget as a little girl watching the movie Conrack. Such a wonderful influence on my life. That scene when he plays Beethoven's 5th and shares the world of Art and life to his children. Warms my heart just remembering this. I'm watching it again now and about to read The Water is Wide. I'm a high school teacher now, and I dream of creating the love and community that Pat Conroy did so many years ago...fighting all along for what is right and good.
Godspeed Pat Conroy, and thank you!

Wed, Jul 11, 2018 15:15 pm 83749 Email Remove
Reply to webmaster Please follow the Pat Conroy Literary Center - you will find what we do to preserve this extraordinary legacy...

I am reading South of Broad. I love this book. He signed it for me at the Bookmarks festival in Winston Salem a few years ago. I remember those moments talking to this incredible man with incredible gift to touch so many lives

Fri, Jul 6, 2018 15:12 pm 83748 Email Remove
Reply to webmaster Thank you for posting here. Your thoughts are very much appreciated by us all at the agency and by the family.
Pam ZentChelan Wa.

We have read every one of Pat's books including recently A Lowcountry Heart. His writing has made such an impression on my husband and I that we judge every book we read against one of Pat's... if by chance it is a really really good book we look at each other and say it reminds us of a Pat Conroy book. He was one of the world's greatest authors and story tellers and so far no one can fill his shoes. I read that he had been working on a new book before he passed.
It would be wonderful if it could be finished in his style.

Happy Reading,

Sun, Jun 3, 2018 14:04 pm 83747 Email Remove
Mike BoydJohnson city TN

Just finished reading my third book by Pat. (The Water is wide) Loved all of them and feel a special kinship because I am also a son of a career Marine and would love to be a writer. Looked him up on Wikipedia because I pass by Beaufort a lot and thought "I wonder if I could meet him. " I was sorry to find out he's not with us in person. He is still in my thoughts and heart. Thanks for everything Pat. Tell your dad I said Semper Fi.

Thu, Nov 23, 2017 09:29 am 83745 Email Remove
Timothy J MellenMauk GA

I just finished " My losing season" and as usual, Pat's writing is very good, enriching and makes you feel that you are right there with him. He was an excellent writer, I am sure He is missed by many and I have enjoyed to have read several of his other books and plan to finish the ones I have not.
In addition I have also seen the movies that were adapted from the books.
Thank you Sir and RIP

Fri, Nov 3, 2017 12:05 pm 83744 Email Remove
Reply to webmaster This is Mihai Radulescu - It is a priviledge for me to be able to read and respond to such heartfelt messages. Indeed Pat had that rare quality to make us feel as if he was speaking directly to each one of us. That was sincere and it came from a deep generosity of spirit. Please see what we do to preserve his legacy here:
rita campNew Jersey

Dear Pat,

Though you are unfortunately no longer here on earth, you, your enormous heart, your humanity and your genius will live on forever in our hearts and souls. I pray you are in heaven finally in the embrace of all those you love and who love you, in peace, harmony, safety and kindness.

No matter how many times I read your books, I read them with my stomach clenched, an ache in my heart and a lump in my throat as I savor the beauty of your writing.

God blessed us all by having given the world Pat Conroy, a genius in every way and a loved and loving man. God bless you always.

Great love back to you!!

Sat, Jun 3, 2017 06:01 am 83738 Email Remove
Reply to webmaster This is Mihai Radulescu I sent you an email at the address you gave us and it bounced back. Unlikely but I hope you come back here and see this response...
carole wellsmaryland

I met Pat IN PERSON in 2005 when he won the F.Scott Fitzgerald Award in my hometown. Of course I felt I knew him well through the writings I had come to revere. I had a chance to talk with him, his wife and a couple of grandchildren. I mentioned I had seen "Conrack", a musical based on his book, the Water is Wide. A grandchild said: "Grandad I didn't know you could dance!" He signed two books for me, including my tattered copy of The Boo and the evening, in spite of a vicious thunderstorm I had to go out into, was a precious little gem in my memory, as is his new publication of "Low Country Heart". Thanks, Pat, for decades of losing myself in your stories.

Wed, Mar 8, 2017 16:45 pm 83737 Email Remove
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